We've got a competitive streak a mile wide.

It is like this. We've got a competitive streak a mile wide. When we realized how bad the phone case market was, what a joke "protective" phone cases were, we couldn't stop ourselves.

We had to start a company, set up an entire factory, employ a couple of hundred people around the world and convince them the three most important words in any language anywhere are:

Sustainable, Upcycled, Innovations.

Those three words define what smartphone cases have been missing.

Copiers are going to copy. So we keep moving forward, generating new ideas, innovating like crazy, popping out cases other manufacturers can't match, can't even imagine. Cases they don't have the technology to even build.

Our cases' good looks grow out of their protective form and features. They don't need logos or graphics. They're confident in their protection and impressive in their presentation. The only spotlight they're after is when you drop them.